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The Tyford Story

Tyford Tea Estate lies within the quaint serenity of the Western Ghats of Southern India. The luscious property is set 3,000 feet above sea level, secluded between greener mountains, sprawling over 1,255 Ha. The now known plantation, commenced its journey in 1860, with the pioneer planters cultivating tea and particularly gathering popularity for its quality of tea.
We are now the proud producers of 1.25 million kg of CTC grade tea in our state of the art manufacturing facility while being positioned as a supplier and recently as a retailer for our home-grown brand. The estate also grows other condiments such as cardamom, pepper, clove, nutmeg and such, along with freshly roasted beans of coffee. At Tyford, we lead with passion to deliver quality and consistency across all our deliverables, while continuously empowering our employees to contribute towards their success and consequently ours.

The History

The faint origins of the Tyford Estate can be traced back to a bygone century, where the entire region was planted with coffee in the year 1860. However, by the year 1885, the vast land and its surrounding property were converted into tea plantations. The incorporation of the Tyford Estate is accredited to Mr Henry Baker in the year 1915 which was then, taken over by our honourable Mr M.A Abraham, the founder of Aban group in 1993. By being the foremost tea producer, we built our reputation as one of the top-ranking estates in Southern India.

About Founder

It was an English man named Henry Baker who bought over Tyford and incorporated it as a company in 1915. Later Mr M.A ABRAHAM founder of Aban group of companies & a great visionary took over the Tyford management in the year 1993 with an aim of making Tyford one of the best & beautiful tea garden of South India.

About Management

The current directors of the company are
Mrs Saley Abraham
Mr C.P Gopalkrishnan
Mr N. Venkat Ramanan

How We Work

We are astute and determined planters with a strong team of experienced personnel committed to steering forward towards excellence. Our mission is encrusted with the staunch motivation to produce superior quality tea, and provide ample variety in them to cater to the likes and tastes of every consumer. To ensure the best in our endeavours, we continually assess taste, blend, and grade of our products to guarantee that every granule retains its unique flavour, grown in the contours of the Western Ghats. As a company that attests values of corporate social responsibility, we strive to make socially responsible investments and maintains sustainable practices to support our environment and the larger community.


Highest standards of quality and assurance


Mutual coexistence with nature in all our practices

Ethical TEa Society

A fairer industry for workers and profitable opportunities for farmers while implementing ethical practices to protect our ecology

Who We Are

The lineage carried forward back from 1860, Tyford Tea Limited is one of the biggest Limited Tea Companies in South India

Tyford a century-old Tea Plantation company is driven to deliver sustainable quality products to our customers and are committed to our people and society at large. We lead with a passion to deliver quality and consistency across all of our deliverables while constantly empowering our people to contribute to their success and consequently ours.



Visitors are welcome to enjoy a walk-through of our vast, charming perennial tea garden and often catch a glimpse of our skilled labourers plucking tea leaves across the wide expanse. A visit to the Tyford estate is incomplete without a peek-in to our tea factory and exploring the many activities that we offer.


Preservation of the flora, fauna and cultural heritage.

Visit to the tea gardens

Visit the tea factory whilst enjoying a front view of the process

Tea-tasting of our home-grown hybrids and blends

Enjoy quaint homestay nestled within the tea plantation


Plan your favourite holidays with the rolling spice valleys of Tyford Estate

Immerse yourself in the aromatic whiff of cardamom, clove and fresh vanilla pods

Visit to the Spice Gardens in Idukki


Enjoy our beautiful plantation tour blessed with dense tropical forests, green mountains, waterfalls and rivers

The tinkling sweep of pleasant winds amidst the tropical greenery makes Tyford a perfect spot for your holidays

We provide innovative packages to visitors to learn about crops, fruits & vegetables grown in the Tyford Estate

& Food

Explore the ample varieties of local produce

Guided trek and off-road trips to the waterfall or to the nearby landmarks

To witness the mesmerising beauty of Idukki, we offer a Paragliding tour with expert instructors

Natural Golf Course – one among the most beautiful and acknowledged natural golf courses in South India

Waterfalls – experience the beauty of pure scintillating springs.

Heritage Bungalows – well-maintained bungalows with all the luxurious amenities that you may want

Tent Tourism – experience the calm and clamour of nature, while residing in the heart of the green pastures

Fishing and boat riding facility

Exotic ViewsRelaxing HolidaysSoulful ProduceExotic ViewsRelaxing HolidaysSoulful Produce

— The Valley of Wonders —



We bring to you Soulful produce gifted by Mother Nature. Healthy , Natural & Fresh products directly from our gardens. Enjoy Scintillating & Refreshing taste filled with the goodness of nature.


We Follow The Mantra of Quality

We follow the highest standards of safety and hygiene at our state of the art facility at Elappara.


Gathering the produce at the right stage using proper techniques and expertise.


Removal of extraneous matter to ensure that the product reaches our customers in the greatest hygienic conditions.


Removal of moisture by drying at controlled temperatures and at predetermined time lag, macerating and exposing the cell for oxidation, preserving the natural aroma, sizing and sorting. The process is monitored by our trained personnel using the GMP process.


The produce is packed (in differently sized packets to meet the needs of our customers) in automated packing machines using food grade packing materials as per international standards and maintains the highest hygiene, quality and freshness to cater to our customers.


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